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Benefits & Features

Cost Savings

There are significant cost savings in legal expense and transaction costs by resolving a claim promptly. Carriers are also able to reduce their open claims inventory.

Quality Neutrals

ADR Options neutrals are former judges and accomplished attorneys. They are experienced mediators and arbitrators who can help you resolve your dispute in a professional manner.

Customer Service

We guarantee customer satisfaction regarding the scheduling, confirmation, billing and professionalism of our services. Our clients consistently give our customer service the highest rating.


A claim can be resolved through ADR Options regardless of whether a suit has been filed. In fact, the greatest savings are achieved by resolving a claim before a lawsuit is filed.


ADR Options proceedings are held in private and the press does not have access to your proceeding.


The parties decide all aspects of a claim:

  1. type of proceeding
  2. arbitrator or mediator
  3. date, time and place

Low Cost

Our prices are considerably below the cost involved in bringing and defending a claim. These fees are set forth in our Fee Schedule. Settlement Days are available to resolve many claims in a full or half day format.