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Nicholas Noel III, Esq.

Mr. Noel’s over 40 years of practicing law has covered significant and diverse areas representing people from all walks of life, businesses and governmental entities. While his first seven (7) years of practice covered various facets of law, including significant criminal defense work at both the state and federal level, Mr. Noel’s practice began focusing on civil litigation in the mid-1980s dealing with all types of cases involving personal injury, auto accidents, product liability and commercial disputes.

By the late 1980s a substantial portion of Mr. Noel’s professional experience shifted to representing design professionals and contractors in construction-related litigation, which continues today.  Cases have involved all manner of construction disputes and litigation, many including multi-million dollar commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental projects.

In addition, he has spent his entire professional career involved in civil rights issues; primarily engaged in federal Section 1983 cases involving police and governmental misconduct, Title VII discrimination cases and First Amendment matters.  He has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Further, Mr. Noel has been a Zoning Solicitor for Palmer Township, Pennsylvania since 1989 and has also been involved in litigation representing businesses and citizens groups in zoning related matters.

Throughout his career, while trying many cases to verdict, Mr. Noel has always endeavored to seek resolution of legal disputes at all stages of litigation and has participated in scores of ADR proceedings.  Having been “in the pit” for such an extensive time on both sides of the street, Mr. Noel has developed a thorough understanding of what works and what does not in getting opposing parties to say “yes”.